Why hire a team?

This web site is for you if you are investing in your first luxury home or you have experience in buying luxury homes – you want the best inspection you can find.

Luxury homes are big and complicated. One inspector can inspect a large property – I know – because I have inspected several. I have also been part of teams formed to work together to be sure every nook and cranny is explored.

Here are some very nice homes I have done over the years since getting my license in Nevada in 2004:

Lake Las Vegas NV – 5780 square feet – $5,798,000
Temecula CA – 6200 square feet – $2,357,000
Palos Verdes Estates CA – 4589 square feet – $6,784,000
Rancho Palos Verdes CA – 5106 square feet – $3,467,000
Lunada Bay, PVE CA – 2344 square feet – $1,699,0004
Temecula CA – 5845 square feet – $2,543,000
Manhattan Beach CA – 3902 sq ft – $2,178,607